There’s only one thing worse than running out of hot water: running out of hot water because of a broken water heater.

Most building and home owners never think about maintaining a water heater until it’s too late. At Mission Plumbing, we install new water heaters, repair water heaters and maintain them as well. If you know you have a problem with your hot water heater, it’s important to fix it now before the entire unit has to be replaced or worse. Sometimes waiting too long can cause cascading negative problems you’ve never considered.

Save Money Through Maintenance
At Mission Plumbing, we always aim to get as much life out of your water heater as possible. Unfortunately, most never consider having a professional routinely maintain their water heaters until it’s too late. Whether you are using a standard hot water heater or a tankless system, you want to keep it operating at top efficiency.

• By detecting problems early, you can make small relatively inexpensive repairs.
• Early detection of problems can prevent damaging water leaks.
• Keeping your water heater working properly can extend its life of service.
• A functioning properly water heater helps lower your utility and water bills.

Tips for Making the Water Heater Last Longer
Check the water heater every year to eliminate calcium and mineral build up. If you’re on a well, it’s important to see if sand is building at the bottom of your tank as well. With calcium, minerals and sand building up in side the tank, you start to lose overall water capacity and may notice that warm water doesn’t last nearly as long as it once did.

Your water heater will also become inefficient with more build up. If the heating element has to heat calcium, minerals and sand first, it can take quite a while to penetrate through the build up and finally heat the water.

When Buying a Water Heater, Consider these Features
* Gallon Capacity: 40-50 gallon heaters are most common
* Recovery Rate: The number of gallons the heater will heat in an hour
* Dimension: Width and height of the space the heater will fit in
* Energy Efficiency Rating: Estimated annual cost of operation for the unit

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