It is important to understand how important pumps are to any plumbing system. Pipes are the delivery system system while pumps are the power to force the water where it belongs. Whether clean, potable water or dirty wastewater, pumps are involved in every step of moving water through the pipes properly.

Sump Pumps
Sump Pumps are a lifesaver for those with the unfortunate experience of having a basement flood. They are strong pumps designed for the purpose of quickly and efficiently sucking water up and out of the basement and forcing it outside, away from the structure.

Sump pumps are typically installed in a hole at the lowest level of the basement where excess ground water will collect. Once the excess water reaches a level inside the hole where the pump is housed, the pump is automatically activated. This is far more convenient than coming home to a foot of water in your basement upon returning from vacation. We highly recommend sump pumps at Mission Plumbing.

Ejector Pumps
Ejector pumps grind and pump any solid and liquid waste. Like sump pumps, most ejector pumps are used in a basement application where overhead plumbing is required to move sewage up and away from the home.

Booster Pumps
Have you ever been frustrated with the lack of water pressure in your home? Booster pumps are used to increase the water pressure coming from your water supply. No more weak showers or sad trickles of water for washing dishes.

Hot Water Recirculation Pumps
Does it take a long time for water coming out of your faucet to finally warm up? A hot water circulation pump solves the problem of having to leave the water running for sometimes minutes before hot water reaches its final destination. Instead of standing back and wasting water down the drain, you can be assured that hot water is coming very quickly.

Boiler Pumps
While boilers heat the water used for hydronic systems, boiler pumps are required to force the heated water to designated areas. If your hydronic system has stopped working, you may be in need of a new boiler pump.

Chiller Pumps
Chillers are similar to the technology used to cool your refrigerator. There are many examples of chiller applications like laboratories or industrial grade cooling systems. For homes, home brewing is the most common use for chillers. Chiller pumps distribute cold water through the system as needed.