There’s nothing scarier than the risk that comes from choosing the wrong person for the job. Before you decide to have sensitive work done as cheaply as possible, consider the implications. Choosing a beginner to wire your building could end in a house fire. Choosing someone without a license to frame your building could literally result in your structure collapsing in on top of you. Likewise, choosing someone like a handyman for a plumbing job could result in bursting pipes and flooding all throughout the building. This often results in mold growth and having to replace entire walls because of structural integrity issues.

Moving Pipes and Fixtures
Many business owners want the build out of their dreams. This often requires moving certain plumbing elements from one place to another. Whether you are knocking out walls and erecting new ones or shifting a fixture over two feet, we can handle it. It is very important this be done properly so the complex web of pipes in your building’s foundation is tapped into properly.